Shopping for diamonds can be a confusing, stressful, and time-consuming ordeal. At Perri Jewelers, we want to make your buying experience stress-free and hopefully even enjoyable. My goal on this page is to offer practical and honest information about buying a diamond. 

Being an educated consumer is important. Exhaustive information about diamond buying is available on the Internet. At the bottom of the page I've chosen a link that I consider informative but not overwhelming, and which contains the essential information necessary to help the first time diamond buyer feel a bit more in control of what is an important major purchase in one's life. While this and other  links do provide quality information, nothing replaces the experience of seeing diamonds in person. My suggestion to prospective buyers of large stones is to do some research online and then come in to see and discuss what all of that information really means. 

I've put together an informal "guide" to help you with the process. You can download it here.

We are a small, family-owned jewelry store and we simply cannot afford to stock a large quantity of loose diamonds. We have a few in stock, but we have the ability to access a huge inventory of loose diamonds and have them in store in one or two business days for customers to view. 

If you have any further questions, feel free to e-mail me at perrijewelers@gmail.com or call the store at 520-624-4311 and set up an appointment to ask some questions or even look at some diamonds. 

Steve Perri
Perri Jewelers
We offer both Natural and Lab Grown Diamonds