Here are some photos of Perri Jewelers through the years. 
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Steve Perri getting an early start in the business at the store on 37 West Congress circa 1971.
Our location at 13 North Stone Avenue from Summer 2004 until Fall 2017.
The cash register we still use in the store today. We think it's from the 1930s. It still works!
Inside the location at 37 West Congress. This is the store many Tucsonans remember, as we occupied that space for 40 years.
Some early business cards for Perri Jewelers.
A draft of a jingle my uncle Peter Perri wrote for the store.
The announcement of our grand opening in March 1945 in the Spanish Language newspaper "El Tucsonense."
The facade of the building that housed our first location at 129 1/2 West Congress.
Our location at 37 West Congress.
Looking west on Congress street in the 1940s  you can see the sign for the "La Selva" club. Perri Jewelers was located in the foyer entrance to the club at 129 1/2 West Congress from 1945-1963.
Our current location at 1 East Congress Street, Ste. 111. We are located in the building that used to house the Lerner Shops department store.